Computer & Networking

Arwasys Technokraft Pvt. Ltd., Computer and Networking

Support Laptops / Workstation / Desktop

Arwasys Technokraft Pvt. Ltd., Computer and Networking

We provide computer support and implementation of new workstations and software to ensure your workstations are providing your employees with the best tools to do their jobs. Our computer support is very aggressive to maintain current anti-virus definitions and any published patches/updates from Microsoft for the operating system and Office products on all your workstations and laptops.

Network Support for Your Network Infrastructure & Communications Devices We provide network support to all the peripherals that are associated with a network, i.e.: switches, routers, printers, wireless devices and telecommuting equipment support for remote office employees.

As part of the network support we perform Security audits and evaluate and implement “Best Practices” security processes.  We become familiar with your access needs and build a sound security policy around those needs.  Our 24/7/365 high availability network support resolves break-fix issues and ensures your network is operational in the case of an emergency.

Server Support and Internet Devices

Arwasys Technokraft Pvt. Ltd., Computer and Networking

ATPL provides you with server support, upgrades and implementation of needed applications to realize the efficiency of new technologies. Server support includes very aggressive maintenance of all your servers with current anti-virus definitions and any published patches/updates from Microsoft for the operating system.  We provide experienced technicians for all server support issues so you know your servers are in good hands.

We design and implement Local Area Networks (LAN) and Wide Area Networks (WAN) with device independence.  We work with PC’s, laptops, PDA’s, and wireless technologies.  We offer seamless implementation that current technology provides and are constantly looking to the next generation of devices and functionality.

Our platform of software is based upon the Microsoft technology family of products.   By proposing and implementing Microsoft architecture products we can ensure compatibility and support for integration of 3rd party devices and software

Annual Maintenance Contract Provide You with an “IT Staff”

With our maintenance agreement we are committed to providing technical services and support as if we were employees of your company. Our maintenance agreement is a perfect fit for companies with Information Technology requirements that don’t justify a full-time employee but see the value that technology brings to a company.

Many benefits are realized through our maintenance contract: support and computer consulting to verify you are spending your IT Expenses the most efficiently. The maintenance contract requires ATPL to check servers and workstations to ensure all the equipment is upgraded and working properly and to verify and implement current anti-virus definitions and operating system patches/updates to prohibit viruses and data hackers.

As part of our maintenance contract, we monitor your daily backups and notify you if a backup job is not successful.  We also restore files each month to verify the backup device is able to restore the files backed up.  We take on this role of data redundancy and security so you can rest assured your data is always available for you.